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Rapid Tool Australia Pty Ltd is a global leader in the supply of Rebar Tying Machines, Rebar Cutters and Rebar Benders. We pride ourselves on quality and customer service and ensure we only partner with global distributors that share our values.

Being a privately owned international distributor of specialist concreting tools and equipment, we continue to pursue excellence. We continually strive to ensure the RAPIDTOOL brand remains a market leader in providing high quality, innovative concreting construction solutions to the world. Our primary focus is in providing trades people with reliable, high performing products.

Most importantly all of our machines promote health, safety and efficiency on the job site. Imagine no bending over and tying steel manually with our rebar tying machine and extension handle. Imagine no physical discomfort or exposing yourself to hot works with our hydraulic rebar cutters and benders.

As a company RAPIDTOOL implements strict quality controls and has warranties to support this. With a growing network of distributors, we build quality, lasting relationships within the concreting construction industry. We pride ourselves in providing exceptional communication and service.

Want to become a trusted RAPIDTOOL distributor, talk to our sales crew now. We will be more than happy to show you how our products increase production in an environment where time is money. Our distributors and end users are what matters the most, you will notice the difference.

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Our Vision

Establish RAPIDTOOL as the most trusted, highest quality brand of Rebar Tying, Cutting and Bending equipment across the globe.


Our Mission

  • Provide superior customer service and experience.
  • Constant innovation in our construction solutions.
  • Maintain highest quality controls and systems.
  • Partner and build quality relationships with reputable international distributors.
  • Service multiple global markets.
  • Continuously improve our products and service based on customer feedback and innovation.


Our Core Values

  • Integrity – Conduct business in an open, honest and respectful manner.
  • Efficiency – Improve processes and customer lead times.
  • Reliability – Provide consistent high quality products and service.
  • Customer Focused – Continuously improve to meet and exceed customer expectations.
  • Innovation – Supply innovative solutions based on market demand.
  • Accountability – Meeting our commitments and delivering quality products and service.