BRCS-20 Cordless 4-20mm Rebar Cutter

BRCS-20 Cordless Shearer Rebar Cutter



    • Superior quality and performance – RAPIDTOOL Quality!
    • Suitable for cutting steel, mesh, rebar and chains
    • 360° rotatable head
    • Quick cut 3-5 second cutting speed
    • 36V x 2.5Ah Li-ion battery power (2 batteries included)
    • Brushless motor – prolonged machine life
    • Cut 20mm total diameter
    • Eliminate Power and Access Issues
    • Increase Efficiency and Safety on site
    • Lightweight model
Model BRCS-20
Dimensions 426mm x 167mm x 351mm (including battery and handle)
Net Weight 7.5kg (including battery)
Maximum Cutting Capacity 20mm
Head Rotation Angle 360°
Battery Capacity Li-ion 36V – 2.5Ah
Battery Charge Time 80 Minutes
Battery Charger Input AC80-250V 50-60Hz
Battery Charger Output DC36V
Accessories Carry Case, Batteries (2), Battery Charger & Side Handle

Note: description, features & specifications may be subject to change.


Here at RAPIDTOOL, we understand that rebar cutting is a very demanding task. You need the highest quality rebar cutters to perform the job to a professional standard and save contractors from unnecessary injuries.

RAPIDTOOL’s Rebar Cutter – Combining Speed with Convenience and Reliability.


Why do you need the RAPIDTOOL BRCS-20 Cordless 4-20mm Shearer Rebar Cutter?

When it comes to the construction and engineering industry, every player has a different set of needs. Even though almost every professional has to deal with the same tasks as handling concrete and bending rebar, the approach one may take to get the job done can be wildly different from the next. While large scale projects require heavy duty rebar cutters and rebar benders, on the other hand, a professional fabricator will be more interested in portability and power. And while both handymen are experts in their field who are looking to accomplish the same task – slicing through reinforced steel rods – their difference in approaches creates a situation where there isn’t one tool that can fit both bills. The market offers a variety of rebar cutters and rebar benders but finding the most suitable machine for your job that combines muscle with moveability is not an easy task. And that is where we come in! RAPIDTOOL, one of the most trusted and sought-after suppliers of construction tools and machinery in Australia, has set its team on the hunt for the very best cordless rebar cutter out there. And our incessant efforts in this search has yielded one name that, we guarantee, you can trust for all your rebar related requirements. Introducing the RAPIDTOOL BRCS-20 Cordless 4-20mm Shearer Rebar Cutter – a beast of a machine that packs massive power in a pint-sized package. It is perfect for those engineers and fabricators who need power, portability and precision in their rebar cutting endeavours.


The RAPIDTOOL BRCS-20 Cordless 4-20mm Shearer Rebar Cutter – Key Specifications

RAPIDTOOL is all too proud to hold a place in your mind as a trusted partner in your construction project. It is our job to ensure that you always have access to the very best tools and machinery to execute your on-site tasks. And we take our job very seriously indeed. Our team has tested each of the rebar cutting solutions available in the market and analysed them against some of the most stringent quality and performance standards. From the point of view of portability as well as power, we do not want one of our products to fall short of your expectation. That is why our choice is the RAPIDTOOL BRCS-20 Cordless 4-20mm Shearer Rebar Cuttera nifty machine that combines an array of features that are perfectly suited to the varying needs of rebar handymen. Here is a list of the key specifications that this machine has to offer:

  • High precision cutting action with clean, hassle free cuts of a Diameter ranging from 4-20mm. No matter where your project might be, this machine can handle it!
  • A total Net Weight of just 8kgs – no more having to deal with grumpy workers exhausted with hauling around a weighty rebar cutting machine. Using this cordless rebar cutter is as easy as cakewalk.
  • Designed for convenience and ease of use, this machine has a slender and nifty frame that measures 38 x 29 x 12cm – perfect for working in cramped spaces.
  • Packed with a powerful Li-ion 36V – 3.0Ah battery, you get to use this mighty rebar cutter without having to be restricted by tangled electric wires and power point availability.
  • To charge this mean machine, all you need is a battery Charger Input of 220-240V AC – 50Hz – talk about energy efficiency!
  • Don’t think that you will have to compromise on cutting power and speed just because you desire portability from your rebar cutter! The RAPIDTOOL BRC-20 Cordless Shearer Rebar Cutter can slice through solid reinforced steel in 5 Seconds.
  • Don’t worry about the number of cuts you will get to execute per charge cycle either. This is one cordless rebar cutter meant to make your life easy. The machine delivers approximately 50 Cuts per charge on 16mm rebar and approximately 100 Cuts per charge on 12mm rebar. No need to be running back and forth between the charging point and your workstation anymore.
  • The total time needed to fully charge the battery on the RAPIDTOOL BRCS-20 Cordless Shearer is just 90 Minutes.
  • And the best part – RAPIDTOOL offers a full 12 Month Warranty on the RAPIDTOOL BRCS-20 Cordless. That’s how much we trust this rebar cutter!


The RAPIDTOOL BRCS-20 Cordless 4-20mm Shearer Rebar Cutter – Functional Benefits

RAPIDTOOL knows what construction engineers and steel fabricators desire from the tools they use at their workplace. That is why we have had our team test each cordless rebar cutter available in the market on ground, subjected them to some of the toughest working conditions and analysed them against high performance standards. And this quality testing exercise has led us to believe that the RAPIDTOOL BRCS-20 Cordless is the best tool to offer to our esteemed customers. If you desire enhanced portability, heavy duty power and precision cuts from your rebar cutter, this is the machine you should be trusting. Here is a list of the extensive functional benefits that you can enjoy by choosing to use the RAPIDTOOL BRCS-20 Cordless Shearer Rebar Cutter in your workshop:

  • The RAPIDTOOL brand is known across Australia for its superior quality and reliable performance. This is one choice that you cannot go wrong with.
  • With a hydraulic motor runs on a powerful 36 V Li-ion battery, this cordless rebar cutter delivers lightning fast cuts, even on steel rebar that is as thick as 20mm.
  • At RAPIDTOOL, we believe it is our job to lessen your workshop woes as much as possible. That is why we offer not one, but two 36V 3.0Ah Li-ion Batteries with this machine – so you have backup power available even when one battery runs out.
  • Portability is one of the biggest advantages that this machine has to offer. If you are working on a site that has space issues and limited access to electrical sockets, the RAPIDTOOL BRCS-20 Cordless will turn out to be your best friend.
  • The machine offers a no-sparks, no-flames, no-hassle cutting action – one that will ensure efficiency and safety on your workplace every time!
  • And a full 12 months warranty as well as accessories, parts and servicing support is included as part and parcel of the product package.


The RAPIDTOOL BRCS-20 Cordless 4-20mm Shearer Rebar Cutter – The RAPIDTOOL Advantage

We at RAPIDTOOL are proud to be your partners in the construction industry. Ours is a company that is founded and run by construction engineers who have worked on the ground and experienced the challenges faced by handymen firsthand. That is why each of the products that we offer is meant to serve a single purpose – solve the varying needs of rebar workers and make their lives easier. We choose to back the RAPIDTOOL BRCS-20 Cordless because it is a machine that can take whatever challenges you will throw its way and perform in a reliable and predictable fashion, each time you turn it on!

So, if you are in need of a cordless rebar cutter that you can place your trust upon, the RAPIDTOOL BRCS-20 Cordless is one machine that definitely deserves your attention. Get in touch with the today for a detailed quote.

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